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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Parrot Provacateur
Location Fenland, England, United Kingdom
Introduction Smelly, screechy cage dweller. Experienced in the advanced use of little, jingly bells and pecking at humans.

Frequently known to fall off my my perch due to the feather ruffling incompetence, corruption and evil being perpetrated on us by the featheringly awful, badly-educated, wrong-thinking, society-hating so-bleeding-called elite in this once nice, jolly old island of ours.

Unfortunately, I am currently defined by my feeling of outrage at our political and media classes

UPDATE: 11th May 2010 - Well the measurement on my Grotty-Governance-O-Meter has dropped a few kilomandels now that Brown has been forced to resign. The new lot, Tweedlecam and Tweedleclegg, don't impress but let's wait and see.

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