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Introduction I am not affiliated with any of the current Russellite sects, these factions are not the same as the Bible Students from Pastor Russell's day. These are mostly small insignificant groups that most people know nothing about. Unlike the Jehovah's Witnesses, who now number over 8,200,000 members worldwide. Nor do I support any of the apostate sites. Being in a room with disgruntled fault-finders can get old really fast. The information on this blog will deal with Charles Taze Russell and early Watchtower history. Because Russell was friends with former Advent Christians (not the Seventh-day Adventist Church) information about the 1831 - 44 Millerite movement is included in this blog, however Charles Russell was never a Millerite nor an Adventist. Links are offered for additional reading, however I do not support every comment on these sites. The majority of information on this blog was published by others all credit goes to them for the data. Even if I do not support some of Pastor Russell's outdated views, I still appreciate that he was an imperfect man of God, who spent his entire life and wealth in the Lord's service.