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Occupation writer of SphericalModel.com and this related blog
Location Houston, TEXAS
Introduction The Spherical Model as the smallest think tank ever. It’s mainly just me, plus those I talk things over with—which happen to include my three adult children, whose interests align neatly with the three spheres, so I refer to my children in the blog as oldest son Political Sphere, second son Economic Sphere, and daughter Social Sphere. All three are married and pursuing lives we can be proud of. I refer to myself as Spherical Model. My actual name is Linda Nuttall. Sometimes I say, “We here at the Spherical Model,” but that’s mainly just me. I have had Political Sphere write an occasional guest post, and I wish he would do more. But mostly I’m the writer. I graduated with a degree in English, specializing in writing and editing, and worked mainly in education. We homeschooled for 10 years.
Interests freedom, prosperity, civilization, and their interrelationships