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Industry Arts
Occupation guitar peddler, student, graphic designer, musician, songwriter, jill of all trades
Location Sacramento, CA, United States
Introduction I used to play in Sacramento band The Secretions and The Phlegmings, since then entertaining as Ranting Manor and solo as a children's entertainer. Years ago I was exposed to accordions at Luna's years ago when I saw Mark Growden there. I really caught the bug when I found HohnerMadJock from Scotland on Youtube looking for a version of a Scottish tune. Many performers inspire including Duckmandu, Skyler Fell, Dylan Blackthorn, Luz Gaxiola, Sansa Asylum, Yeti, Renee De La Prade and more! My favorite accordion is a Sonola 80 bass (model type unknown)with a 17" keyboard that happens to have a decent musette, is black and silver and gold. She's pretty. I got it online from a pawn shop and it had been dropped at one point. When we opened it up it had confetti in it. I also play banjo guitar, bass, uke, drums, and anything else that seems good at the time. You can find some of my videos at my youtube site. Oh, I make cool art too. I could make some for you!
Interests ACCORDIONS! art, music, photography, filming cool stuff, guitaR, guitar banjos, bass, music stores, ranting, political spending, screenwriting, graphic novels, songwriting, natural foods, duck, buffalo, goat, bicycling, newts, cats, walks, brains, mountains, oceans, Muir Beach, open spaces, close communities, farm houses, fruit trees, whisky, wine, science fiction, awareness, thinking, duck eggs, intuition, boots, banjos, gypsys, laughter.<a href="http://twitpic.com/2zun21" title="I finally finished my squeezebox deity! I&amp;#039;m so excited t... on Twitpic"><img src="http://twitpic.com/show/thumb/2zun21.jpg" width="150" I BOOK SHOWS FOR ACCORDION ARTISTS IN THE SACRAMENTO AREA. CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE TOURING OR ARE IN THE AREA AND WANT A SHOW! Or, if you want to be on my mailing list! Or, if you are interested in beginner lessons! 4thebruce@gmail.com
Favorite Movies Sweeney Todd, Star Wars(the original trilogy), Serenity, Night of the Comet, They Live, Mallrats, Wool 100%, Darkness, The Royal Tanenbaums, Princess Mononoke, etc, etc, and all that other alternative stuff you might expect from what I've listed, and none of that new fangled scary B movie stuff you can't get away from these days.
Favorite Music local music, The Kinks, X, Germs, The Dolomites, The Hobo Gobbelins, Petrojvic Blasting Co, Jason Webley, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Mac Nuggits, The Secretions, Bob Armstrong, Keith Cary, Yard Dogs Road Show, That Damned Band, Velvet Underground, Johnathan Richman, old jug band music like Gus Cannon (Banjo Joe)- Memphis and Cincinnati blues, cowboy music (oldest school), Irish/Scottish trad music.
Favorite Books Wrack and Roll by Bradley Denton, anything by Douglas Adams, anything by Terry Pratchett, various graphic novels, non fiction books for learning stuff. "Mutant Message Down Under". Oh and I'm writing one right now, it might become a graphic novel. It's about a vampire girl born into a bloodline of vampires who is forced to take on the care of a half-dead cat sister in familiar form. Except actually, the cat is supposed to be her guardian! Various misadventures occur, especially because she is almost immortal. Almost.

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