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Industry Student
Occupation um...school? duh. I work in a crappy retail store for now.
Location Philly, PA, United States
Introduction Real name Shaun. I'm pretty much a 'new' book reviewer, so if you have a POD book you've done, I'd love to review it, and I'll post my review here, as long as it's in the gothic, horror, & paranormal genres. Feel free to email me a PDF with all your usual author info. I prefer shorter books, 200 pages and under, since I'm still in school and all that, lol. And please give me up to 4 weeks to review it. PLEASE NOTE: I'm NOT biased to traditionally published books! If you went the traditional way, feel free to send it! I'm just stating I like checking out indie books first and foremost. THANK YOU! As for me, I like Gothic things, but I'm also nerdy. Does that make me a Gothy nerd? Is that even possible? I attend college, and am usually bored out of mind unless I'm reading or watching a movie. Anything to help me escape this crumbling society.
Interests Goth stuff, reading, movies, the same ol' same ol'. Ugh, I hate doing these things sometimes...
Favorite Movies too many to mention, but I'll put down Sweeney Todd, May, and Pulse to give you a general idea of what I like.
Favorite Music Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Insane Clown Posse...am I scaring you yet?
Favorite Books lots of gothic and paranormal non fiction books. but for mainstream stuff...yes, I'm another Potterite and Twilight nerd.

put your thumbs in your mouth and blow really hard. Will you get dizzy? Try it and see!