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Introduction Cancer Rehab Canada is a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program that meets the individual needs of cancer survivors. "Our objective is to see how we can improve rehabilitation services for people living with cancer, whether they are pre-treatment, post-treatment, or in a palliative capacity," says Judy Boivin, Clinic Director at Milton LifeMark Physiotherapy and a founding member of Cancer Rehab Canada. Statistics have shown that the prevalence of cancer continues to rise and there are millions of cancer patients that are statistically cured. "These survivors and their families are seeking some direction in their recovery," says Judy, "as many are left with impairments and suffer from ongoing pain and fatigue. Judy's passion for Cancer Rehab Canada is an extension of her passion for her job and the people she cares for. "I love my patients. I watch them as they improve and it reminds me that you can make a difference in somebody's life. I hope that our rehab program will improve the lives of all of our clients."