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Industry Non-Profit
Location NRW, Germany
Introduction Well I am Sydney born and bred, but started traveling pretty much as soon as I could. Spent 10 years living 'out in the big wide world'. Europe, Turkey, India and Sri Lanka have all been places I called home at some stage. Adore 5 star hotels - eating at street markets - being invited to drink beer by the locals - meals cooked 'by mama'. Bi-lingual German/English. 2 kidlets - born 14 years apart - it took me a long time to get over the first one. They are both totally different and unique little people in their own right. Big daughter is now living in Sydney - little daughter has just completed Kindergarten. I am over 40 and still have no idea what I am going to be when I grow up. Marriage is 'interesting' after 20 years... still has good days now and again. Generally have a great bunch of mates to play with... love my girlfriends. Currently back on the expat trail - The Pyramids survived me.. but will the Germans cope?
Interests Like a good cold glass of white - adore sitting in movie theaters in the in middle of the day, preferably when they are almost empty. Would like to travel more more more - and recently a wonderful woman said something that really hit home. She said: I believe you are interested in the study of 'how to be more human"..... I guess I am.
Favorite Movies I adore German TV series from the 80's - lived there through to the early 90's and cut my German teeth on these shows - they are now all being released on DVD - Gotta love
Favorite Music Just about everything - from classical to pop - but starting to feel my age when I hear the music of my teens being repeated!