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Gender MALE
Industry Advertising
Occupation Web Designer
Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Introduction Mystech was discovered at the epicenter of the Tunguska blast event by a multi-national expedition early this century. Although he was unable to shed any light on the mysterious events of the region, scientists noted an inordinate number of empty Tequila bottles surrounding him. During the next few decades, he was instrumental in battling legions of Nazi Robots, inventing a now lost anti-gravity device and foiling at least one Martian invasion. After a brief absence from the public eye, he emerged in the last two decades of the 20th century to create a handful of works of dubious literature, including an unpublished guide to Lemurian folk dances. His future goals include avoiding haircuts, seeking a sponsor for an Appalachian Trail hike and re-establishing tweed as the pre-eminent height of fashion.
Interests Hiking/Backpacking, Computer, Writing, Music, LARP and Infomancy.
Favorite Movies Lawrence of Arabia, LotR Trilogy, Bladerunner
Favorite Music Just about everything, actually.
Favorite Books The Great Gatsby, I Claudius, Guns Germs Steel, Illiad & The Odyssey, Snowcrash