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Location Portland, Oregon, United States
Introduction I'm all for random thoughts. They come to me and I tend to scribble them into a notebook when I'm just sitting around, but it's difficult to read scribbled thoughts that were written on a train, hence, this blog. I've created it more as a personal journal, but I encourage and welcome feedback from visitors. Everyday is an adventure. I live in a crazy world and I am able to respond and reflect on my everyday encounters with people and things. I guess you could say I have an interesting take on everything. I just moved to the Portland area in July 08, so I don't really have a strong social network here. I'm not shy; I'm very outgoing. If I don't like you, I tell you that your mom is fat (or stupid, or ugly)... even though your mom is hot.
Favorite Movies In this order: 1. Kung Fu Hustle 2. Back to the Future Triology 3. Pulp Fiction 4. The Big Lebowski 5. The Birdcage
Favorite Music I'm really picky about music but the genres are extremely broad. I mostly love house and dnb
Favorite Books I'm a sucker for most of the classics (Dickens Christie Twain). More contemporary authors include Cormac McCarthy Vonnegut