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Industry Business Services
Occupation Translator
Location Germany
Introduction Now I've finally twigged how to merge Blogger accounts, there is no need anymore to visit my other blog Roncesvalles to see my (main) profile under the "Editrix" screen name. (Not that the blog isn't worthwhile visiting, mind you!) What else can I say? At my age, wiser women are perambulating their grandchildren while I am crawling through thorny coppice after a bunch of crazy terriers. Wait... that is a tautology! ALL terriers are crazy.

Update August 2008:
To restore some sanity, I've added a wonderful young German Shorthaired Pointer to our pack.

Update November 2008:
I am too lazy to always switch IDs, so don't be confused. The Editrix and Evil Style Queen are the mouthpieces of the same blogger.
Interests Huntin', Shootin', Pissin' off Idiots, Interior Decoration, Fashion, Art, Classical Music, History, History of Arts

Chicken monkey shoes?

Yes, monkeys definitely do. Whatever "to chicken" is.