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Introduction Unlike the faux "conservatives" of the right wing, I am a true conservative. I believe that the founders of America knew exactly what they were writing in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and that little interpretation is needed. I believe that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are more than mere pieces of paper. They are living documents intended to protect us from government excesses and abuse. Furthermore, unlike the faux "conservatives", I believe that the individual, not some nebulously defined "society", not the government itself, not some ridiculous "rule of law" concept justifying police excesses and abuse, and certainly NOT buildings and businesses, are clearly the intended beneficiaries of the protections of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. ========================================== Using this blog as an example: It is mine, everyone reading it is a visitor. My rights will always come before yours here, unless real harm can be shown. Complaining about the rules for posting comments will get you nowhere, since I am protecting my right to free speech by doing so. Your right to "free speech" is not harmed, since you are free to go elsewhere.