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Industry Student
Location Filthadelphia, PA, United States
Introduction I'm an office intern [read: gopher] and I essentially write and conduct research all day, mostly about pop stars [not as an assignment...lack thereof mostly]. I despise and admire them at the same time. Take Speidi for example. The most annoying couple/person on Earth, yet also the most Googled. They know how to work a crowd [the paparazzi], can't blame them for that (well we could, technically, since they call them with their every whereabout). The sad part is, without LC, they'd be virtually unknown, and even she can't stand them. I call them guilty pleasures but I make no point in hiding the fact that I watch trashy reality TV. Even my gay hairdresser things I'm a lame-o. Say what you will, but these "famous just for being famous" whores know how to keep an audience and I'm just relaying their prostitution essentially. Read on.
Interests reality television, dumb people, education, adventure
Favorite Movies Wedding Crashers, Sex & the City, the Hangover, the Dark Night, Superbad, anything funny and sarcastic
Favorite Music anything demeaning, happy, energetic, and that I can run to
Favorite Books Love the One You're With, the one I had with orphan Nikki I had to read for our book club that never happened with "moon" in the title, L.A. Candy (haven't read it yet but I just know it will be dynamite)

Do awesome and awful mean the same thing? Technically awesome means "some awe," while awful means "full of awe."...Which is better?