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Introduction So I'm Emily. I'm just another teen going through all the melodrama. Through the good, through the bad. I am learning to live life for God and truly believe in Him and myself. My life can be interesting at times. Sometimes I love life and then turn around and hate it! So this is my blog-the true Christian point of view on how life should be. How people should be, according to God.
Interests Playing cello and double bass, reading, I'm a Facebook addict and I hat doing laundry.
Favorite Music SKILLET, Pachelbel, Bach (he's a genius), Taylor Swift, Nickelback (I had to say it!), and many more...I love music
Favorite Books The Twilight Saga (I hate the movies but the books are wonderful!), Princess Ben, Dragon's Keep, and many more. I tend to read a good book and then forget the title :(