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Industry Publishing
Occupation Author, Editor, Publisher, Freelancer, Blogger
Location New York
Introduction I spent nearly 2 decades being a writer looking for publishers while learning everything there was to know about writing, while becoming certified in editing,children's literature, freelancing and achieving a BS in Psychology in Applied Behavioral Analysis to understand other people. I could have never predicted then becoming a publisher now, reaching out to those like me and those who want to share their story(ies) to the world so that they, too, can have a voice.
Interests New adventures, writing, publishing, reading, singing, playing, improvising, building things
Favorite Movies Anything that makes me think, laugh, better understand the world and the people in it, or can conquer my insomnia and bore me to sleep.
Favorite Music Anything I can sing to, or pretend I can sing to, or that makes me want to dance even in the most inappropriate of places and moments.
Favorite Books Original stories never told, or voices that tell it in a way never done before.

Foxes are clever and tigers are cunning. So, what's your cat's safety school?

The bathroom - Because he's trained to use the toilet, but will still ultimately choose to spray everywhere. I think it's an inferiority complex towards the adults that know how to flush when he is not able.