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Location Heerlen, Netherlands
Introduction A creature out of it's element but finding warmth, happiness and a feeling of home in a foreign land. An introverted extrovert obsessed with family, my man, friends, dogs, music, weird films, tattoos, polka dots, and red and black stuff. Impulsive, demanding, loving, patient and stubborn. Selfish, giving, thoughtless and thoughtful.
Interests Tattoos, reading, sewing, watching films, walking the dog
Favorite Movies Films that make me think, films that help me stop thinking, films that go boom and films that make me cry or go 'Aaah'. I watch everything, even trashy, should never have been released cinema
Favorite Music Everything that sounds like music to my ears, this includes punk, ska, metal, drum n bass, old scholl rock n roll and old blues
Favorite Books Many types, I love to read, I prefer trashy crime novels and some real life and even a little fantasy