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Introduction Have you ever looked back on your life and noticed crossroads, a place where a decision, a choice, turned out to be one that shaped the rest of your life? I had one of those at the end of my junior year in high school. I was faced with the choice of whether to take a 4th year of math, or another art class. I loved both - so I ran to my art teacher for advice. She wisely suggested I take the 4th year of math. That turned out to be sage advice. Now that I am retired from the path that the 4th year of math set me on, I've returned to that decision and made the other one. Retirement from my career doing software engineering, has allowed me the wonderful freedom, and the time, and the mental space to paint or draw several times a week. I have joined the Muddy Creek Artists Guild and the West River Artist Association. I also teach Pilates at Ridgely Retreat. But that’s a whole other story. I live in Mayo with my husband of 52-some years, a dog, and quite a few chickens. We have raised 3 wonderful sons and have two adorable granddaughters.