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Gender Male
Industry Consulting
Occupation Transformation Agent,Peacebuilder & Influencer. Leadership coach & Writer
Location Hallsberg, Sweden
Introduction My Peace-building strategies based on long-term changing of behaviors of leadership in a challenging World that requires leadership in charge of making the world and its peopleĀ“s environment a better place for the present and for coming generations.The UN used the term peace-building as a post-conflict reconstruction, namely the long-term process that follows the formal peace process, that is, reconciliation building of social relationships and institutions. In a broader conception, peace-building strategies can also mean a gradual change in attitude with regard to conflict prevention. It is a privilege to work with organizations and companies that wants to help their leaders become more self-aware, more communicative, more conflict resolution oriented, more resultoriented and better at dealing with their multi-cultural coworkers.Leaders who adopt well documented and by academic Peace-building strategies used by Most prominent peacebuilders in the international field.
Interests My mission is to develope leaders to lead with passion, joy and Life quality. To bring the best out of the chest.out of the heart, out of the mind of every person we get the previligue to co-operate with. Our multicultural Environment makes the World much smaller than it might be.We´re passionated of humanity and our mission is to create the best possible way to live a happy Life here and now.
Favorite Movies My aim is to create a partnership with leaders through Peace-building strategies for a long-term changing of behaviors of individuals and groups for a sustainable and successful Life and business..
Favorite Books What made me to use storytelling techniques is two things . 1st: its invaluable influences on me which engaged me to share my own experience of bearing a heavy backpack for a very long time with other people . 2nd: My wish to help others whose bearing a heavy backpack .What made me change my perspective and engaged me to take essential decisions concerning my heavy backpack is the understanding of my own goals and needs, and the understanding of the engines behind my wings.