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Occupation Freelance Writer
Location Not near enough to the beach, Florida, United States
Introduction Kat hates corn and wolves and is rarely indifferent about anything. Like all good cats she enjoys seafood, naps and her independence. Beware: she is very tired of hurricane jokes. Kat created this blog to write about her creative endeavors. She finds that the more time she spends in creative expression the happier she is and the less her PA bugs her. Her blog is an anodyne, relieving stress and pain and soothing the mind. She writes about her passions: knitting, writing, teaching, photography, painting, journaling, reading, cooking and life. Despite being an only child she does share. She shares her journals, essays, short stories, projects and reflections on her blog hoping for connection and creativity. However, she may just write about any old thing. You never know with her. You can contact Kat at daizikat at hotmail dot com.
Interests writing, knitting, sketching, mixed-media, painting, reading, laughing, cooking
Favorite Movies The Big Lebowski, The Godfather, Garden State, Pump Up the Volume, The Sweetest Thing, Blues Brothers, Across the Universe, The Point, You've Got Mail
Favorite Music Indie and strange
Favorite Books Prince of Tides, Range of Motion, Getting Over Tom and a zillion more. My house is over-run with books

What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?

duct tape?