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Occupation Pie Inspector
Location New Jersey, United States
Introduction I adore life, love and all the dead things in the universe. I can get overly dramatic and entirely unsympathetic sometimes. I am a multitude of personalities stuck in one mind. Also I rip the heads of puppies and drink their blood. MMMmmmm puppy blood...
Interests Otaku subculture, hard science fiction, warhammer 40k fluff, one world religion, transhumanism, socialism, necromancy, giant robots, felines, HR Giger, strange phenomena, the occult
Favorite Movies Donnie Darko, T2: Judgment day, Passion of the Christ, 2001, Ghost in the Shell
Favorite Music Metal and all it's bastard children (including glam)
Favorite Books The Singularity is Near, Songs of a distant Earth, Horus Heresy Series