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Introduction what is Papergirl? Papergirl is an art project from Berlin. It has now grown into an international worldwide art distribution phenomenon. Art should be accessible to everyone. That is the spirit behind Papergirl: a pedal-powered, volunteer based, community oriented art project Papergirl redefines “street-art”. What happens in a Papergirl project? A call for 2D artworks is made to the local community where the project is based.The artworks are collected and subsequently, every single work that was submitted is exhibited. The works are then rolled up, and delivered by Papergirls to the unsuspecting public a.k.a. the local community. The Results of Papergirl? Artists gain the opportunity to exhibit their work in a local gallery, as well as have their work eventually given to a new collector. Papergirls get some great exercise and smiles due to their hard delivery work. Volunteers get the chance to work with fellow artists, and get involved in their local community. It’s the art of giving away art. Come find us on tumblr and Facebook...we’d love to see what you are making!