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Industry Non-Profit
Location New York, NY, United States
Introduction My mission: Use research and experimentation try out a new food item every week. Either I won't know : a) what it is at all (e.g. about half of any produce stand in Chinatown) or b) what to do with it (e.g. any whole fish). My goals: 1. Educate myself about foods I've been to shy or too lazy to find out about before; 2. Do the legwork for people who are likewise inhibited but curious; 3. Encourage culinary experimentation and adventurousness; 4. Have fun!
Interests food, cooking, restaurants, New York City, New Orleans, travel, farmer's markets, Greenmarkets, cheap eats, ethnic food, Bourdain, fine dining, wine, Tanqueray, Rome, San Francisco, Spain, Sardinia, Coney Island, leafy greens, tapas, sushi, John's Pizza, Insectavora, izakayas, dogs, Thai salads, Ruhlman, Buffy, Firefly, Serenity, Xena, Deadwood, LOTR, SCOTS, TMBG, Amy's Bread, raw oysters, Sondheim, Cerveris, Russian opera