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Occupation Goddess
Location Mayberry, United States
Introduction I'm a stay-at-home Mom of five(one has left the nest). My attitudes are somewhat morbid and twisted as I desperately try to fit in to the town of Mayberry. I'm committed to my husband and children however, I often fantasize about filling up at the gas station and then driving to some obscure little town in the middle of the desert where no one can find me. I'm hoping that someday the pharmecuetical companies develop a drug that can ZEN me through this strange life I have built for myself. In the meantime....I blog and explore ways of coping. Your comments are appreciated.
Interests I used to have interests before children, now I can't remember what they were.
Favorite Movies Any horror movies, especially Vampire flicks. The Matrix, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, City of Angels, When Harry Met Sally, Documentaries.
Favorite Music Tori Amos, Ani Di Franco, and basically any angry lesbian music I can get my hands on.
Favorite Books The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

This is a colon : and this is a semi-colon ; - what's a semi-truck?

I am not sure what a semi-truck is however, I am very familiar with my colon and its temperments.