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Industry Arts
Occupation Some-time writer, full-time mom
Location Ohio, United States
Introduction Here are the basics: I have three kids; Ethan, Eleri, and Emmory. Ethan is eight, Eleri is six-and-a-half, and Emmory is four. I have the most wonderful husband on the planet Earth and I live in a town with only two traffic lights. We can hear cattle mooing from Main Street. I'm a blonde, but it's a dark blond--so I'm a shade on the ditzy side. I have only a few addictions; chocolate, semi-colons, AbsoluteWrite, and writing. Oh, and reading, and reading about writing, and . . . I seem to collect information, and none of it useful. Yet. My mind is a junk room. I swear that someday I'll find a use for this stuff. What, you want more? MORE?? You've got to be kidding. This is the most boring profile ever written in the history of Blogger. Okay, not that boring. Because then it would be well, interesting because of its insane ability to bore you. So, um. Ordinary, maybe. Cookie-cutter, even. Why are you still here?? Don't you have your own life, yet??? Get out there! Find another hobby!!! I hear that gardening is nice.
Interests Family, writing, Absolute Write, emergency medicine, EMT and paramedic issues, parenting
Favorite Movies White Christmas, The Shop around the Corner, O Brother Where art Thou?
Favorite Music Keith Green, Barenaked Ladies, any acoustic guitar music, James Taylor, Chris Rice
Favorite Books Orson Scott Card's "Ender" series, some Stephen King, Allan W. Eckert's books about early America . . . I like reading any genre as long as the book is written well and keeps me interested.

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

A powdered sugar wig with cinnamon bun hair, a la Princess Leia. Also, I'm sure that someone has a much better and much funnier answer to this question than I do. I shouldn't try so hard.