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Introduction I am a Farmer's daughter...my roots are grounded in the soil. I am a musician's daughter...my feelings are expressed in music and art. I am an artist...my hands create the imaginations of my mind. The land is my canvas, plants and flowers my paints. I am a wanderer... a gypsy at heart. If I could, I would hook-up my airstream and let the wind carry me from place to place. I would plant trees, flowers and gardens wherever I landed. I would dance in the meadows and ride my horse into the sunset. I would paint all the wonders I found from the tiniest pebbles to the tallest, magistic mountains....someday I will because I am a dreamer. Most importantly I am a mother, a wife, a believer. My life is a wonderful, eccentric journey........come along.
Favorite Movies Who has time to watch a movie?
Favorite Music Birds Singing, crickets chirpping, Coyotes howling, leaves rustling, tall grass swishing, the whoosh of eagle wings, water running over stones in a creek, and my children laughing
Favorite Books Andrew Henrys Meadow, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, anything written by John Steinbeck and Willa Cather, all the Classics