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Location MD, United States
Introduction I wear many hats :)
Interests art, quotes, random facts, charity, blogging, writing, poetry, computers, the internet, college, helping others, Christianity, religion, politics, philosophy, psychology, literature, shopping, singing, music, justin timberlake, african american related issues, food, texting, thinking, love, crafts, HOUSE, The hills, photography, human rights, knitting, reading.
Favorite Movies Apocalypto, The Notebook
Favorite Music everything - literally. Contemporary christian, gospel, classical, rock, r&b, pop, country, a little techno and gogo, french and asian music ( I tend to like Japanese a little more than the others). The only music I dont listen to is jazz and spanish. I dont like music that has swearing, sexual innuendos, or violence. Thanks lol
Favorite Books Once upon a time there were only forks. People were quite used to the three -four tines that forks had, but what they weren't quite used to was its inefficiency to pick up soup or broth. They'd drive their forks into their makeshift bowls trying to pick it up, but it would just fall right through the gaps. Soon the tines got worn out, and eventually rounded themselves into what we now know to be spoons. From that point on, pottery makers made spoons out of terracotta clay. Of course now they're made from silver and other hard metals for longevity. [ totally made that up lol ]

Unlike a dog, how can a turtle ever be naked?

take its shell off....?