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Location gent, Belgium
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Introduction I'm a expat from the People's Republic of Berkeley living in Belgium. I've played in groups such as The Saucers, The Allies, Necropolis Of Love, Subsubkulture and added my guitar to groups such as Faith Industry, Exterminating Angel and hip hop artist Ralph Dogg. I write music, poetry, short stories and blog. I studied in sculpting copper, bronze and ceramic at a the Loodz 13 Beeldhouwer's Kollectief in Gent Belgium under the infamous artist Walter De Buck and Bram Eliart. I'm the father of three kids. And I love spinning fire staff and fire poi...although I'm still new to it.
Interests Music, fire and politics... not always in that order.
Favorite Movies The Godfather(1&2), Lord of the Rings(all 3)the Matrix, Sunrise (FW Murnau), the Burmese Harp, Bliss, most films by Russ Meyers, Mike Leigh, John Cassavettes or Luis Bunuel, How to Get A Head in Advertising, The Ruling Class, Harold and Maude, most films by Alejandro El Topo, The Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre, Kurasawa's films, Seijun Suzuki, Mike Leigh, Sergei Eisenstein, Meet the Feebles...getting tired of this yet? ...John Woo's Hong Kong stuff, most Hong Kong Jet Li type stuff, If..., O' Lucky Man, Stanley Kubrick...
Favorite Music favorite mix: Simmer Down- Bob Marley and the Wailers, Rocket 88 - Ike Turner, Hung My Head - Johnny Cash, The Mercy Seat- Nick Cave, Just Can't Be Happy Today - The Damned, This Damned Nation - The Godfathers, Cuz' I Said So - The Godfathers, Sonic Reducer - The Deadboys, For You -Anti Nowhere League, Never Say Die - Angelic Upstarts, American In Me - The Avengers, Johnny Got His Gun - No Alternative, New Dark Ages - The Mutants, Kaliga - The Residents, The 15th - Wire, Here Come the Warm Jets - Brian Eno, Tommorrow Never Knows - The Beatles, Hurry Up Sunrise - Hawkwind, 1969 - Iggy and the Stooges, Kick Out the Jams - MC5, Road Runner - Jonathan Richman, Crazy Rhythm - The Feelies, Redheaded Mama - Sonny Burgess, Train Kept A'Rollin-Johnny Burnett, Monkey Time - Major Lance, I Was Made To Love Her- Stevie Wonder, Diamond In the Back - Curtis Mayfield, -( to be continued)-
Favorite Books authors: Israel Regardie, Yukio Mishima, Jean Genet, Ian Banks, Robert Heinlen, Andre Malraux, Aleister Crowley, Dionne Fortune, Kathy Acker, Julia Vinograd, Joseph Campbell, Wilhelm Reich, Colin Wilson, Lautremont, Hermann Hesse, Bertolt Brecht, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Harlen Ellison, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Henrik Ibsen, Aldous Huxley, Anne Rice, Umberto Ecco, Philip Carey, Christopher Isherwood, Dante Alighieri...Robert Anton Wilson and Carl Jung (although I haven't read as much by those last two as I would have liked to have read)

What rhymes with orange?