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Gender MALE
Occupation utility infielder
Location Ohio, United States
Introduction Fiftyplussomething lifelong Ohioan (except for those four years in Indiana, but we shan't speak of that again). Third-generation Finnish-American on my mother's side, INTJ, Aquarius (Scorpio rising), semi-retired semi-pro musician (currently surviving as a temp), wanna-be shaman/magician, underdiagnosed autistic, freak flag flyer, perpetual student, metaphorical tightrope walker, and polypseudonymical aspiring would-be raging inexorable thunderlizard evangelist prone to strange wordplay (esp. bad puns) and odd twitchinesses ...
Interests music and other creative arts, math and sciences, philosophy, pop culture, Eastern/New Age belief systems, strange alchemies, chaos magic theory, full contact computering, no-limit Texas Hold 'em, superhero comics, robot zombie ninja pirate monkeys, psychology of inanimate objects, properties of concrete, other assorted stuff and nonsense

Please describe how you could take the peel off an apple all in one go:

With the first shovelful of dirt, of course, of course...