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Occupation shit kicking (and clowning)
Location Canada lite, Cascadia Free State
Introduction Artist, radical feminist, mathematician/physicist in training, queer spinster in training, tricoteuse, cat lady, Wobbly, anarcho-bike punk, Earth First!er, dance fiend, hairy legged prude & theorist with a PTSD/BPD (dis)Ability who can be seen toting about math books, an accordion, juggling balls, or placards any day of the week. (And quite possibly a camera)
Interests feminism, mathematics, applied mathematics, STEM, science, Industrial Workers of the World, IWW, circus, astrophysics, lithography, sustainable building, welding rusty shit together, Indian cooking, firefly, accordions, flaming stilt soccer, sicily
Favorite Movies Contact, Serenity, Bend it Like Beckham, The Blues Brothers, Ginger Snaps, His Girl Friday, All About Eve, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Take the Lead, Ever After, Galaxy Quest, Pride and Prejudice (BBC Version ONLY), Cry Baby, Cradle Will Rock, Wallace and Grommit, almost everything with Gene Wilder in it (comic genius), Shadow Boxers, Girlfight, Shadow Boxers, Chocolat, Heathers
Favorite Music Broken Social Scene, p:ano, Carolyn Mark, Selina Martin, Northern State, circus music, old time music, jazz, blues, stuff, Le Tigre, Basement Jaxx, the bad things, Barbara Dane, Crass, team dresch, marvin gaye, The Weakerthans, Stars, Jenny Lewis
Favorite Books The Scarlet Pimpernel series, Pride and Prejudice, Forbidden Workers, All Douglas Coupland books, The Awakening, The Spinster and her Enemies, Bury Me Standing, Can't Buy My Love, All Andrea Dworkin books, all Sonia Johnson books, Blood Sisters, the Harry Potter series, Pulp Detective novels, Boston, Woman on the Edge of Time, all Ursula K. LeGuin books, more to come

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

By listening to the music in it. I doubt *I* would write a musical that would be a "hit."