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Gender Male
Industry Student
Location Minnesota, United States
Introduction I live in Edina, Minnesota, with three good friends in a house with a security system sticker on the front door but no actual working security system. I'm a whatever word would be 7 times bigger than big Minnesota sports fan. It's been a rough last 19 years in this respect. I only shave when I wake up, look in the mirror, and go "Nice neck beard, Kyle Orton." I tend to say filler phrases twice when I say them, like, "Sounds good, sounds good," and sometimes I flare my nostrils without noticing and without any other part of my face moving.
Interests Indie Rock music, seeing bands live, 89.3 The Current, all sports (except maybe jai alai) (just kiddin jai alai!), looking on the bright side, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, getting way way way way way too invested in Minnesota sports teams, writing papers at 5 in the morning the day they're due, the excitement you feel when you see someone you haven't seen for a long time
Favorite Movies Hollywood bigwigs would have saved a ton of time, money, and energy if they would have just folded up their big top and ceased transmissions in 2004, realizing they would never be able to top the glorious, robust, and life-affirming tale of Ron Burgundy and his ragtag band of merry ne'er-do-wells.
Favorite Music It sounds preposterous and painfully pretentious to (self-consciously utilize alliteration!) type this as a kid who grew up in south-central Flyover Country, but my life would have gone in a completely different direction if I hadn't watched The Strokes perform on Saturday Night Live on January 19, 2002.