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Gender Female
Location Westwood, California
Introduction There's really only a few people who know me as Lollie. Actually, it's "Auntie Lollie". As my nephew and niece learned to speak, they started calling me my given name -- Lori. But i have always had a special place and light up when they do call me Lollie or give me a card addressed to Auntie Lollie. So this blog is that side of me that not many get to see. I have always had a passion for food and only recently started to enjoy the cooking process. I'm also learning how to enjoy cooking and how to share it with everyone. So with this blog, i'm sharing some of those things i enjoy -- cooking and eating, and photography which i'm just learning. My nephew insists i try using the camera on manual, so for now, i'm focusing on my shutter speed and f-stops while making sure i don't burn anything. I guess it's time to whip up something...