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Industry Transportation
Occupation Retired
Location Elk Grove, California
Introduction I used to live in the "North State." Those of you familiar with the geography of California will know that this is the 1/3 of the state that is north of the area known as Northern California . You also know that Northern California's northern limit is somewhere on a line that runs through San Francisco, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. I live about 150 - 200 miles north of that line or about 100 miles south of the Tralfamadore in the Rigulon nebula (also known as Oregon). In February 2017 I moved 163 miles south to Northern California, just south of Sacramento to be with My Bride. If you really must know anything about me, you're going to really have to dig through a lot of blog posts. Here's a starter
Interests Lions Club, mondegreens, amusing quotes, weather, reading, food, Floccinaucinihilipilification, earworms, eggcorns
Favorite Movies Mr. Roberts, McClintock, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Mash, Treasure of Sierra Madre, Princess Bride
Favorite Music eclectic, Yoopers
Favorite Books Too many to list, not necessarily any of those listed elsewhere... There's a partial list in the Pages section of the blog.

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

I believe that I will have another root beer!!!