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Industry Arts
Occupation Artist and Designer
Location Oklahoma
Introduction I arrived at the name “the Dainty Domestress” to capture a bit of my natural self and the feeling I was seeking for this blog. Dainty is a word I have often heard in other people’s description of me, whether it was their intention or not this is how the dictionary defines Dain·ty: adjective, of delicate beauty; overly particular; finicky. Domestress, a word I am pleased to say I coined myself, therefore, I get to make up the definition. Do∙mes∙tress: noun, a woman possessing great capability and keen skill in the design and beautification for her family (including pets), household, self and societal affairs while sometimes using unlikely objects and processes to achieve a desired result. (More about this topic on Hello Big World post) I am really just a girl that graduated from university in hopes of using her degree to become a great designer, married her high-school sweetheart and now lives in a land far-far away from fashion shows and couture houses. I spend much of my time in volunteer work, helping with my husband’s business and doing my best to become the best “domestress” I can be. Please feel free to post comments and ask questions.
Interests Art, Bake, Cook, Dance, Design, Exercise, Fashion, Interiors, Music, Pets, Repurpose, Recycle, Volunteer