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Industry Architecture
Occupation arhitect/ graphic designer/artist
Location Bucuresti, Romania
Introduction I draw a little, i design a little, i write a little, i take photos, i do things, listen to things, feel things and express them in everything i do. I have moods, i think a lot, i dream a lot, i don't make sense, i live in a world made of fandoms, and tv series, of dystopian stories and horror films, i read a lot, i am chaotic, i like to make things, i like touching things, i like textures and patterns, i like thought and the psyche, i like complicated things, i hate boredom, i love expression in any form or medium. I have very strong opinions and very liberal views. I am a pacifist and liberal antifa. I believe in the power of the word and of art.
Interests Architecture, art, graphic design and all that jazz; books, writing, pretty much every form of expression; expressionism too, for that matter, the human psyche, archetypes and psychology/psychanalysis, music, alternative, metal, pretty much everything, max frisch, foucault, marilyn manson, mircea eliade, robin finck, people with brains and vision, unique, free spirited people
Favorite Movies American Psycho, The Thin Red Line, Solaris, Mullholland Drive, U-Turn, Lost Highway. A Tale Of Two Sisters, The Talented Mister Ripley, 28 days later, The Hours, Cidade de Deus, Reservoir Dogs, All About Lily Chou Chou, 2046, In The Mood For Love, Some Kind Of Monster, Hero, Happy Together, Vertigo, K-Pax, The Usual Suspects, Last Of The Mohicans, Murder By Numbers, Infernal Affairs, Reconstruction, Anatomie 2, The Descent, Royal Tennenbaums... All horror all fucked-up all dystopian all artsy and bizarre TV - Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, LOST, Rome, Nip/Tuck
Favorite Music too many to count
Favorite Books Max Frisch's "Gantenbein", "Montauk", Hermann Hesse -"Siddhartha", Virginia Woolf - "The Waves", William Faulkner - "The Sound And The Fury" etc