About me

Gender MALE
Location United States
Introduction I'm not going to use this profile anymore since a lot of my views have changed. I went on a lot of websites I should have avoided, and said some stupid things I shouldn't have said. I'm going to use a different account from now on. Many of the views I expressed using this profile, I have since rejected entirely. Do not assume that just because you see something I wrote using this account, I still think that way. I don't want to have to constantly point out to people how my thinking has changed and get into arguments over things I wrote that I no longer agree with. In particular, my views on Islam have changed. I still take issue with the religion to some degree, but now I realize my old views on the subject of Islam and Muslims were rather simplistic and bigoted.
Interests Science, Philosophy, Politics, History, Art, Video Games
Favorite Books removed since I no longer recomend many of these books.