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Gender Female
Industry Business Services
Occupation I'm a CEO, entrepreneur, scientist, and spymaster.
Location Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Introduction Welcome! I'm Marie Seshat Landry, a dynamic CEO, entrepreneur, scientist, and spymaster based in Moncton, New Brunswick. I lead innovative ventures such as Marie Landry's Spy Shop, Spymaster Enterprises, Global Organic Solutions, and My expertise spans AI, business intelligence, global security, and sustainability. I'm deeply committed to ethical technology, privacy, and human rights, advocating for policy reform and decriminalization. As a scientist, I engage in cutting-edge research, promoting organic solutions and hemp-based applications in military settings. My work includes providing intelligence support to Canadian and NATO communities, conducting private peace missions, and advancing health, wellness, renewable energy, and sustainable supply chains. Join me in exploring the intersection of technology, sustainability, and intelligence for a peaceful, ethical world. Welcome aboard! For more about my work and initiatives, visit my website​
Interests AI and Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Global Security, Intelligence Agencies, Policy Reform Advocacy, Decriminalization, Drug Policy Reform, Human Rights, Ethical Technology Use, Privacy, Security, Compliance, Surveillance, Sustainable Military Applications, Hemp in Military, #MissionNATO, #MissionSOFIA, Biochemistry, Terpenes, CBD, Ecological Roles, Medicinal Properties, Health and Wellness, Renewable Energy Solutions, Waste Reduction Strategies, Sustainable Supply Chains, Sustainability, Innovation, Ethics, HUMAN Intelligence, OSINT, Open Source Intelligence
Favorite Movies Science Fiction: Explores futuristic technology and advanced concepts. Thriller: Keeps you on the edge with suspense and excitement. Documentary: Provides factual insights on various topics like AI, sustainability, and global security. Biographical: Depicts the lives of influential figures and historical events. Action: High-energy films with dynamic scenes and often involve global security themes. Fantasy: Imaginative worlds with magic and mythical creatures. Political Drama: Explores policy reform, human rights, and ethical dilemmas. Environmental: Focuses on sustainability, renewable energy, and ecological issues. Crime: Investigates criminal activities, law enforcement, and intelligence operations. Health and Wellness: Features themes related to biochemistry, medicinal properties, and personal development.
Favorite Music Old School Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Gangsta Rap, Trap, Mumble Rap, Conscious Hip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop, Crunk, Hyphy, Cloud Rap, Drill, Emo Rap, Lo-fi Hip Hop, Experimental Hip Hop, G-Funk, Dirty South
Favorite Books Science Fiction: Exploring futuristic concepts and advanced technology. Mystery/Thriller: Engaging plots with suspense and intrigue. Non-Fiction: Factual books on diverse topics such as AI, digital marketing, and global security. Biographies/Memoirs: Life stories of influential figures and historical accounts. Self-Help: Books on personal development, business strategy, and ethical practices. Fantasy: Worlds filled with magic and mythical creatures. Environmental and Sustainability: Focus on organic living, renewable energy, and ecological conservation. Political and Social Sciences: Books on policy reform, decriminalization, and human rights. Health and Wellness: Guides on biochemistry, medicinal properties, and health practices. Ethics and Technology: Exploring the intersection of ethics, AI, and technological advancements.