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Occupation Mind Proctologist & Pope Church of The Shaved Pussy
Location Bum Fuck Somewhere, This Beautiful But Doomed Planet
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Introduction Emotional loudmouth who hates all religious and political "authority"
Interests Porno, booze, firearms and romantic ideas.
Favorite Movies Barely Legal, Dirty Harry, Hardcore European Porn, Biblical films, All State Propaganda, All Religious Propaganda. Most of the stuff I like is BANNED in Singapore, because the censors there just don't "get it". Fuck the censors! Try censoring that, you cum-guzzling motherfuckers!
Favorite Music Anything that rocks. Frank Zappa rocks.
Favorite Books Pornography. The Bible — King James Version — for its comedy, absurdity and logical contradictions masterfully presented that one can understand why so many people get sucked in. "The Communist Manifesto" by Marx