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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation student
Location Tampa, Florida, United States
Introduction Art Studio Major working on my BFA at the University of South Florida.
Interests Bizarre animal effigies, bro grabs, saluting the godhead, arcane hand motions, esoteric occultism, the history of ritual magic, my engulfing paranoia, surviving the zombie apocalypse, widescreen dvds, real talk, flying into some chick's room with a three-day beard on a fucking jetpack.
Favorite Movies Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Dawn of the Dead (1978), Re-Animator, The Holy Mountain, Stalker, Samaritan Girl, Robocop, Memories of Murder, Underground, Shaun of the Dead, The Killers, A Zed and Two Noughts, Battles Without Honor and Humanity Series, Long Wolf & Cub: Baby Cart in the Land of Demons, Shivers, Zatoichi and the Festival of Fire, Dog Soldiers, Tony Takitani, The New York Ripper, Stage Fright (aka Deliria), City of the Living Dead, The Fantastic Planet, Yojimbo, F for Fake, Wild Zero
Favorite Music Sleep, Deathspell Omega, Boris, Vasaeleth, Electric Wizard, Hooded Menace, Corrupted, Chris Knox, Incantation, Autopsy, Oblivions, Howard Tate, DJ Screw, Three 6 Mafia, The Focus Group, Broadcast, Roky Erickson, The Clean, Om, Micheal Gira, Eyehategod, Fela Kuti, Leviathan, The Psychic Paramount, Sun City Girls, Otis Redding, Radar Bros., Project Pat, O.V. Wright, The Nation of Ulysses, Sunn 0))), Scientist, Howlin' Wolf, Mike Rep & The Quotas, Keith Hudson, The Flatlanders, Augustus Pablo, James Carr, Swamp Dogg, Beach Boys, D-Styles, The Bats, Tim Hecker, Sven Libaek, Minutemen, Weird War, Ruins, Burning Witch, King Khan & BBQ Show, Sam Cooke
Favorite Books Heart of a Dog, Blood Meridian, In Cold Blood, The Box Man, The Trial, Ficciones, The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z, The People's History of America, Understanding Power