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Gender Female
Industry Museums or Libraries
Occupation young adult librarian
Location Virginia, United States
Introduction I am a veggie of eleven years, vegan for the last four. It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself, besides keep exercising! I am a public librarian with a love for fitness. My number one passion is environmentalism. I hope our baby girl (due this May) will choose a green path as well!
Interests veganism, cooking, animal rights, environmental activism, exercise and health, literature and poetry
Favorite Movies I rarely have time to watch movies. When I do, I'd still rather be reading! I can barely sit still through one movie. I am famous for doing five other things at the same time! However, I do love Point of No Return, the Princess Bride (a childhood classic!), Old School, "deeper" films and some classics. I like mostly humor, because after 9/11, I wasn't interested in being scared or shocked anymore. Real life is too scary for me sometimes.
Favorite Music I hate listing, "favorites." You just can't categorize everyone and everything! That said, my favorite song of all time will always be, "Imagine, " by John Lennon. I am an optimist - someday I imagine everyone will live in peace ... animals included! My other favorite musicians are Moby, Phish, the '80s, Elliot Smith and many, many female artists. I love music that is "chillin'."
Favorite Books As a librarian, I have no favorite book of all time. Every one is special to me for different reasons. However, I will always love, "The Wump World, " by Bill Peet. It stresses environmentalism in a message that people of all ages can understand!