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Introduction A friend of mine in art school first introduced me to the term TCK (Third-Culture Kid) a few months ago. Finally I felt understood by someone who hardly knew me, and not only felt the same way, but expressed my confusion in one simple acronym. I was born, and have spent most of my life in the USA. My mother is a full blooded Spaniard, and my father is half German/ half Puerto Rican. Thus, I grew up speaking 2 languages and have lived and traveled to Spain enough to influence the essence of my existence. I identify myself with more than one culture. I have been fortunate enough to discover things about life that cannot be learned in any school. Experiences that only come with taking oneself out of the "comfort zone". Experiences that expanded my palette, my vision, and my love for life itself. I am about to embark on a journey; a 1-way ticket to Europe, to find my next adventure, and hopefully find a job to pay off the art school debt while I'm at it. My major, fashion design... my future job... we'll see.