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Introduction My nom de guerre and digital signature on the Internet is ‘El Compañero.’ My inspiration to write this Blog is nurtured on my personal experience living in a totalitarian society. As a native of Cuba I was born and raised witnessing first hand the damaging effects of power, tyranny, polarization and extreme behaviors motivated by ideology. I witnessed the so called ‘Repudiation Acts’ in Cuba and saw how neighbors, friends and even family fought each other over political differences. I oppose all forms of oppressive, dictatorial, tyrannical and totalitarian form of government. I condemn all forms of repressive rule. I do not believe there is such thing as “good dictatorship” All forms of repression regardless of their ideological disguise and alleged goal (as “revolutionary” “egalitarian” “conservative” “nationalist” “militaristic” “socialist” “left wing” “right wing” “populist” ) are fundamentally based on the same principle of exclusion, repression and censorship of freedoms. Our best safeguard against totalitarian tendencies is our staunch respect for human rights and freedoms. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL YOUR COMMENTS