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Introduction Qursana is the Arabic female word for Piratess. I picked it when I joined the Pirats of the Global Ark during a visit to Palestine. I am not old and not young. I am not tall nor short, and would not be called medium! I am here and there, and the Pirats are everywhere. I love olives and tomatoes and would not say no to non-GM popcorn with a large pint of organic lemonade. When I am on the ship I like to wear orange, and I have the cutest orange fluffy slippers in the world, my mother stole them for me. I like A for apples.
Interests As long as it is vegan and organic I am interested, I also like reading, sabotaging military vehicles, organic farming, spending time in my back-garden with my orange apron, blockades, facial masks, massage, piracy, music, dancing, destroying GMO crops, ah did I mention fresh water.
Favorite Movies same as books!
Favorite Music Demo chants, jamming sessions, pot banging, street samba, everyone who is unknown and trying to make some noise!
Favorite Books copies, stolen, plagiarized, scanned, anything as long as the copy"right" is served right!