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Industry Student
Location Canada
Interests Anthropomorphic cartoon animals, saffron, cigarettes, finding a decent cup of coffee, pho, zoonoses, the uselessness of academic theory, highlighters that don't run out, heat and humidity, filling up the maximum 1200 character space allotment, bunny slippers, bad television, pickles and mayonnaise, people with funny-shaped heads, zombies, proselytizers, good gin, good wine, red hair, moderation, recycling, spelling 'recycling' correctly, myth, 1950's television commercials, the cold war, propaganda, drinking enough water, giving up before the 1200 character limit.
Favorite Movies I like Woody Allen despite all that creepy shit. I also like documentaries. Alfred Hitchcock is undefeatable. Silent films. Zombies and Scarlett Johansson. James Cameron is a doucebag. Need more independent film-makers.
Favorite Music I recently can't get enough of Elliot Smith, Neko Case and the Magnetic Fields. I'll never get enough of the Velvet Underground, the Clash, the Beatles and Pulp. Who could forget the Pixies, Johnny Cash and Bowie. Odetta and Bob Dylan are also pretty great. The Rolling Stones and the Stone Roses kick my ass. And, I'll always cite Radiohead and Spiritualized as the bands that really made me understand music. There's more: Blur, the Arcade Fire, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Curtis Mayfield, the Byrds, Elvis, Billie Holiday, Islands, the Kinks, Leonard Cohen, Leadbelly, the Smiths, Neil Young, the Raveonettes, Patsy Cline...I could go all day, really.
Favorite Books Paul Auster rules. Martin Amis is beautiful. The Catcher in the Rye will remain a predictable favourite. Timothy Findlay and Robertson Davies are perhaps my favourite countrymen. Orwell has some lesser-known books that are better. Not quite through with Pynchon yet, but am thoroughly intrigued. And in the non-fiction realm...I like to read about epidemiology and germs. I subscribe to Nature and The Smithsonian. My bosses boyfriend once told me he wished she read more books like me (it was The Penguin History of the World). Ta ha.

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?