Nature by Dawn

About me

Location Lawrence, Kansas, United States
Introduction I love animals and nature. My first website was the website for my artwork, Because I also love dogs, I began I have had at least one dog in my life for my entire life. My childhood pet was a Shetland Sheepdog named Cassie. I have also had a Lab/Collie mix named Smokey, a Beagle mix named Huckleberry, a Whippet/Shepherd mix named Becky Anne, a Chow mix named Achilles, and a Chow mix named Sephi (pictured in my profile photo). These dogs have all passed on but they still live in my memory. Sephi is my most recent loss (Nov. 2011). I currently have a yellow Labrador Retriever named Maya and a Border Collie mix named Pierson. Besides just owning dogs, I also have experience working with dogs. I have worked at an animal shelter and a veterinary clinic / boarding kennel. I have volunteered at Operation Wildlife in Eudora, KS and at various animal shelters. I am also a certified dog trainer. I love to share my knowledge on dogs on my blogs and
Interests dogs, cats, wolves, foxes, tigers, cougars, lions, cheetahs, eagles, bears, wildlife, nature