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Industry Education
Occupation SAHM/PT Parent Coach
Location Chapel Hill, NC, United States
Introduction I was born and raised a Baha'i. I grew up believing that all religions are really one religion, under the same God; that all of us are part of a world family, and that peace is inevitable. Growing up as a Baha'i has given me a strong sense of purpose, spiritual grounding, and a unique perspective on life. I am very ambitious and optimistic. Family life is a top priority for me. Becoming a mother has been the deepest spiritual work I've ever done. I chose to stay home with my children because I believe my role is critical in nurturing their character qualities, or virtues, and providing them with a spiritual understanding of who they are, something I felt a day care provider could never provide. My husband and I built a home with my parents, something that has become even more relevant in these economically challenging times. Their spiritual influence and emotional support have been amazing. It will be exciting to hear about the experience of being raised in a multi-generational home from my children, years from now.
Interests Blogging, Marketing (my at-home business), My Sad Attempts to Scrapbook (I have one scrapbook - my daughters baby album), Making Cards with Stamps, Watching Movies, Talking on the Phone with Long-Distance Friends, Learning About Raising Children, Creating Ways to Express My Faith with My Children
Favorite Movies I enjoy movies, but I don't remember them long enough to have absolute favorites.
Favorite Music When I listened to music more intentionally, I really enjoyed Shawn Colvin, Ani DiFranco, Sarah McLaughlin, and other, similar female artists.
Favorite Books Some of my favorite Baha'i books have been God Loves Laughter, From Copper to Gold, and Portals to Freedom. I'm currently reading a non-Baha'i book called Ships Without a Shore, by Anne Pierce. It's excellent.