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Location Milano, Italy
Interests Engineer, Designer, Worldwide Day&Night Cyclist. Graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1978, he's been working since then basically as an Electrical and Petroleum Engineer. Despite that, he always nevertheless cultivated and experienced a sort of a strong feeling for the Art&Design with special attention to modern architectural constructions in which innovative lines mix-up with new lighting systems. As a parallel activity and initially as a simple hobby, in 1996 he also started to produce very special mosaics, giving form to decorative panels, lighting systems, day-life design objects. This very special hobby, alternated with his main professional activity, lately transformed in something definitely more challenging and today, under the name of Captures Design, he personally entirely produces in his little workshop all prototypes of what he likes to call "Inspiring Lights". Inspired by the gentle lights of the night and conceived by the heart they take the forms of the imagination in a delicate balance of materials, fine decoration and lighting effects. Produced in total autonomy starting from very limited series they are then proposed and customized to make them absolutely unique in their final essence.