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Gender MALE
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Introduction Growing up on gyros, roti and chow mein, I learned to appreciate the beauty of world cultures at an early age. I spend any spare time I have avidly studying comparative linguistics.
My blog 'Paleoglot' delves into the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Aegean (aka Proto-Tyrrhenian; ancestor of Etruscan, Lemnian, Rhaetic, Eteo-Cypriot, Eteo-Cretan and Minoan). Sometimes though I'll throw in a bone about whatever ancient language, culture or civilization inspires me that day.
(WARNING: I can be über-pedantic but I mean well, I really do.)
Interests historical linguistics, computer programming, quantum mechanics
Favorite Movies Children of Men, Gattaca, 1984, Twelve Monkeys, Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai, 红高粱, Blade Runner, Kissed, Blackrobe, Matrix, Dune, Donni Darko, Red Planet, Airplane!, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Idiocracy, Age of Stupid, Män som hatar kvinnor, Inception
Favorite Music 19th-Century Classical, Early 20th-Century Classical, Robert Schumann, Debussy, Alexandr Scriabin, Béla Bartók, sitar, erhu, classical Chinese, alternative, 80s, new Wave, progressive, space, dubstep, futurepop, triphop, industrial, techno, trance, electronica