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Gender Male
Location Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Introduction I am Bogdan Fiedur. In my blogs I share my views and ideas about consciousness and business. I'm firm believer in resource based economy, where society is being motivated not by fear e.g. competition and or greed but by working for the good of everyone, where everybody wins and win-win approach is the main principle of accomplishing any goal. You can inspire another person by giving them a goal of creating e.g. best car which can take you thousands of kilometers without fueling, or you can work on building of an intergalactic ship to travel the space. Working example from life would be such projects like Unix, Linux, Wordpress where the ideas are shared and everyone can contribute. Their work can be paid or not, yet there are enough contributors even if they do work for free because they enjoy being part of an exciting initiative. In order for such society to exists, society needs to be enlightened and invisible boundaries dividing it removed. Those who profit from keeping us against each other make an effort to create perception that we are only safe when we are aggressive, greedy and mistrustful.