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Introduction I taught Asian cooking class, and the proceeds from the class I use to help people in my native country, Cambodia. I teach food from Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and China. During the war I lived under the Khmer Rouge with many other children. We survied from little food that the Khmer Rouge gave us and what we found to eat on the rice field. At the end of 1979 Vietnam invaded Cambodia and kicked the Khmer Rouge out. By then many children died from starvation and desease. I make it through the war. Without hope of living in my country I came to Thailand with my family and journey to the USA. On March 1982 We arrived in Virginia. I am no longer teaching class. Cooking is not hard. I cook by taste, but as I teach I realized that many of my students can't cook without the exact measurement. I am not a chef I taught myself how to cook and remembering what my mother cooked for me in the past. I have different kind of recipes here not just Asian food and most is done by taste more than measuring, do adjust the flavor to your taste bud. I am on fb now as Tevy's Kitchen, Enjoy!