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Introduction ...is for anyone (but students, primarily) trying to learn and raise awareness about issues related to sexuality and sexual/reproductive health for women. We organize workshops and meetings through our university hoping to reach out to people with useful, relevant information! We are pro-diversity, pro-feminist and devoted to creating spaces where people can openly discuss issues of sexuality and sexual health. WASH wants to bring light to difficult/taboo/sensitive topics by providing perspectives and ideas about… menstruation, contraception, orgasm!, paps, masturbation, HIV/AIDS, self-examination, toys, fertility, abstinence, abortion, alternative products, STIs, STDs, body image, desire, alternative products, pleasure, gynecology, pregnancy, gender, breast health, the medical field, alternative PMS relief, activism, porn, erotica, sexual education, transnational women's issues, gender studies, alternative medicine, Women’s studies, etc. etc. etc. etc.!!! We are by no means experts in these areas but we would like to learn about them and inform others about what we've discovered. Thanks for your support!