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Introduction I'm entering a new chapter in my life. After having worked in my chosen field for 7 years I recently realized that, despite having thus far had a pretty good life, I've been largely dissatisfied for a long time! I went into the sciences thinking I was going to make this huge difference but realized that I've never done that, nor am I likely to make the kind of impact I'd like to while working in the sciences. On top of that, I made too little money and had too little free time to do what I've always wanted to do- travel! In light of this I have decided to undertake a grand adventure. I plan to travel and volunteer for about a year in Latin America, and this blog will serve to help keep me connected to my friends and family back home, and anyone I meet on the way who wishes to follow me on my travels!
Interests Exploring anything and everything I can, seeing things I've never seen before, having good conversation with interesting people, forcing myself to become more than I am today.